Painting featuring multicoloured Hebrew letters on a gold background
Exodus 15:20

My name is Marla Powers, Malka Esther in Hebrew

I paint very colourful gouache works using the Hebrew letters of the Torah, Siddur, Psalms, and other sources of Jewish liturgy. My work is inspired by the story of Noah in the book of Genesis. In that story, G-d made a rainbow covenant with humanity. From this idea, vibrant colour and a deep love of Judaism are my inspiration.

Painting featuring multicoloured Hebrew letters on a mauve background
Good are the Luminaries that Our God Created

Marla Powers is a Jewish-Canadian artist based in Toronto. She graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Fine Art (drawing and painting).

Painting featuring multicoloured Hebrew letters on a gold background
They Give Glory and Honour to the Name of God
Painting featuring Hebrew letters in violet, blue, and orange on an orange background
Hashem Shall Reign Forever and Ever!
Painting featuring musical scales and multicoloured Hebrew letters on a green background
Kaddish Secunda
Painting featuring a musical clef and Hebrew letters in orange, red, violet, and blue on a puce background
Be Glad and Rejoice in the Joy of Torah
Painting featuring a Hebrew letters in indigo, blue, violet, lavender, and yello on a light green background
Genesis 1:6

She continued her Arts education at the Ontario College of Art earning the A.O.C.A. degree in drawing and painting. Marla completed her formal studies at the University of Toronto obtaining a Bachelor of Education Degree concurrent with an Ontario Teacher’s Certificate.

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